Monday, 17 May 2010

Red Hot Router

I'm back!!

I have been unable to blog as the computer went peculiar and would not connect to the internet. According to Sam my Router was red hot which sounded very painful and required me to spend money on a new one which arrived this morning. Sam fixed it up when he returned from college and now I have what Sam terms a Cool New Router and a download of warp speed ten, or something like that!
After I have finished blogging I am going to spend time catching up on everyone else's blogs - I have had a quick look at the titles and it sounds like births at Barnacre, Alpaca Soap at Zanzibah (looking forward to learning how to make alpaca soap!), a quick read from Ashdale (must be Si blogging), more births at Easterwood, a shop at Toad Hall and goodness only knows what Rolf at Knapper Alpaca has been up to (I'll have to get the translation up first). Rob (thank you for your concern!) also has something interesting on poisonous plants - I have a feeling I may have one of them lurking in my hedgerow.
The sheep have now been sheared and look - well, sheared. The lambs have gravitated to the paddock but still come back in their bin shed at night. They had to be evicted from the garden as they broke the cat flap and spent most of the day looking in through the hole that was left.

No cria to report despite me giving them words of encouragement. Carolyn is now 348 days.

Carl has been plodding on with the fencing but, as usual, we have run out of gates - we seem to use a lot of gates and are back to welding up another he found in the hedge up third.

Now I am going to gaze again at my latest knitting effort. It is a very strange scarf. Sadly, I got distracted three quarters of the way through and it kind of reverses it self. Many years ago I used to work for a brewery, telesales, and succeeded in selling an entire case of Midori, a melon liqueur, to a traditional dockers pub - he was a Glaswegian and I think my accent threw him, probably thought I was offering him half price Colt 45. Anyway, I think it is going to take more selling skills than I possess to sell this scarf!

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  1. Good to see you back. I'm getting impatient for your crias to be born.