Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lina and the rope

Very odd weather at the moment. One moment it is pleasantly warm and the next it is bitterly cold. I managed to get waste cleared in all the fields, I confess I didn't do it yesterday, cleaned all the drinkers and feeders and generally tidied up.

The scarf hit a rocky point when I suddenly realised that, due to the pattern, only one side would look right. I had knitted 94cm before realising! However, I have a cunning plan, so all may be well!

Bit of an unwanted drama this evening. I noticed this morning that Flamenco had a cut on her nose. She gave birth to her cria last year a month early and, although we nursed it through the first month or so, it eventually died. Something had happened in the field to shock them and I think this brought the baby early. Flemenco is due at the beginning of June so we are doing all we can to keep her stress free and for that reason I decided to wait for Carl to get home and catch her quietly in the corner of the field. That part worked well but then Lina started bounding around and got the rope caught round her. She then pronked off at high speed trailing a rope behind her! Carl managed to catch it but not until she had careered round the field twice. It didn't seem to upset her as she came straight back over - pronking like a youngster. Flamenco seems to have grazed the bridge of her nose up by her eyes but it is drying up so we'll just monitor it.


  1. Stressing out the pregnant girls is a worry isn't it. Good luck with Flamenco this year.

    I have one scarf design that I have to do in two halves or the pattern doesn't work out. Looking forward to seeing some photo's when you've finished yours.

  2. Only Lina could do that...... She is always so involved in anything that goes on isn't she ;o))