Friday, 21 May 2010

She has a cunning plan!

I delivered the cake for the Cricket match this morning - I think it may be a bit heavy and sticky for this weather! Passing the Aunt's I saw The Shepherd had sheared her sheep - how he does them so quickly amazes me.

It has been very hot again today and even the sheared alpacas were feeling it. So was I - I had to do a lot of sitting around and observing, in amongst filling water containers. Sherbert's new and cunning master plan is to tip over the water and lie in it. This is easier than trying to get all four feet in. She seems to have realised that if she just barges in with head turned side ways it does not matter how much the others spit and moan she can just do as she likes and they all move for her!

I got a little more active this evening as I had to do something about the bottom run. It has now
becoming part of Dude's new summer pen and is a bit bald so I needed to break it up before seeding it. The only thing I could think of to use was the chain harrow with lots of stuff to weight it down. The Mule pulled it beautifully - job done! Just got to get the seed!

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