Sunday, 2 May 2010

What is it about bananas?

Carl's back! He has not stopped talking from the moment he stepped inside the door! He had a great time and so did his friend, The SFS, who thankfully got to ride as well. Highlights appear to have been - rebuilding a gear box one night, The SFS cuddling a certain rider and Motorcycle Shop/Museum owner, Carl helping a gentleman whose bike had sunk in a bog and finding his false teeth, getting up the Pipeline, his medal in a little velvet box which he keeps fondling (it was for taking part - not for winning!) . . . Photos coming tomorrow, maybe! Carl also seems to have developed a deep loathing for bananas - not sure what that is all about!

Last night was magical. I was standing by the girls after locking the chickens and Belinda's baby was kicking like crazy - I could see a distinct leg! She is also a bit swollen at the back end - maybe tomorrow!

Today has been wet and quite windy at times. It has also been a bit chilly but, despite this, Smudge (the cat) went for a swim in the garden water trough - I am not sure whether he meant to or he fell in, it has happened before. I dried him off but now he smells and insists on lying on my lap while I try to type!

And - it seems it is true about the Grave Digger and his 6 lambs. I met him at church this morning and he said one of his ewes did indeed give birth to six lambs. One died but the other five are going strong, two are being bottle fed but she is feeding three of them. Remarkable! It must be the special grass they have down in the village!

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