Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Tentative Bleat

Bit of a wet day today - no babies but that is probably a good thing with the rain. Carolyn's udder is developing nicely and Belinda is getting restless so may be soon but it is very hard to tell.

One lamb, Two Tone, made a couple of tentative bleats today but the others remain ominously quiet. They jump a bit but no noise! Mum told me the other day that The Gravedigger had one sheep who gave birth, a week or so ago, to six lambs - surely she must have got that wrong?!

It's a short post tonight as I have to knit - it is becoming something of an obsession now and, despite saying I would never tackle one again, I am on a scarf - and it is good (so far).


  1. Oh come on Missus, stuff the knitting. Did Carl win the Scottish Pre 65 ?????? I need to know.


  2. Now don't be silly, Rob! He has been on his bike once in the last three months and that was when he scarred himself for life! You should take up knitting, very relaxing (not)!

  3. Sounds as if things are coming together again, unlike last Thursday.
    Well done, stick with what you think is right.
    And as you know,from my Blog, my Mum taught me many things in growing up, and one was how to Knit.
    It's a pity that men are'nt taught these things to-day. All most of them are fit for, is leaning on a bar and throwing beer down their throats.
    Dorset is a lovely county, it's the best in England, l love it, and here in Blandford, you don't have to go very far to enjoy the country side and it's beauty.
    It's nice to read of people who work hard and enjoy what they do at the same time.
    Well done Rosemary.........Your a Diamond. :0)

  4. Do you still knit, Willie?

  5. No, not a lot, nothing or no-one to knit for now, but l can knit, l sow, l cook, in fact l've a dinner for 8 to-day, Sunday. I can also do hair. When my daughter was 8-9 all her little friends used to come round before school, and have their hair done in plaits, with ribbons and beads. Ah! good old days. Don't do a lot now, my sewing machine packed up a few years ago, and l've not replaced it. Funny, l've just sold my Mums old Treddle m/c, that l usd to use as a boy with my Mum.They came all the way from Sherborne to pick it up. At least it's gone to a good home. Take Care..... :0)