Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shortsighted, Wrong, Absurd . . . .

I have been venting my frustrations on a thesaurus today after reading about subliminal messaging, all the reading material available in the Mule where I spent some of the time trapped by Mossop (the psychotic sheep) who has been eyeing me up whilst I have been managing waste. He then hid behind the pylon (not realising I could see him through the bars) and waited for me to turn my back before charging.

Poor Carolyn has been very restless today - rolling, star gazing, up and down - but nothing happened!

Last night I was up until 3am trying to catch up on some long overdue inside jobs ready for the weekend - more on that tomorrow after I have caught up with Irene at Ashdale Alpacas.

I have also had a long, long conversation with my man at the Rosette company in preparation for the Great Western Region Alpaca Show (link at the side of the page) - we have agreed that -
  • we are urgently in need of more rain for the grass
  • it's no good saying same as last year as you can never remember exactly what it was last year
  • it is too early to cut silage
  • and we like Cornish Pasties.
We are into final details now on those rosettes - they have to go back to the committee for final approval (and some committees can be nightmares but not this one. It is very jolly and cooperative what with Rob "The Spanners" Rawlins wielding the gavel ably assisted by his delightful secretary),and my man and I are in raptures over tail length and width of braid for Supreme Sashes. I have got to say though, 5th place rosette - well! Of course, we have still got to actually get the alpacas sheared - no second cuts, no vegetation or lurking faeces, only the blanket whatever the weight. It is going to be a challenge - Lily has covered herself in brambles and stingers, she looks like a sloth and Dude - he has gone brown after pawing himself out a rolling pit!

Now I have a Parochial Church Council Meeting in the village tonight - and I have got to vote as soon as Sam reappears to look after everything.

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