Thursday, 13 May 2010

Breakfast whilst lambing

An early start today; up at 5am to feed the lambs, check the alpacas and let the chickens out ready to get to church for 6.30am for the service - we tried to creep in quietly as they were already half way through the first hymn. This was mainly because the Jalopy obviously had enough yesterday and stalled as I was turning down the cut. It wouldn't start but it is so steep we just rolled down.

We then went for the Ascension Day breakfast in the village hall which was very good as usual. The Keeper of the Graveyard was in charge of the toaster which he controlled admirably, particularly as one of his sheep was lambing outside the door at the same time. The Flower Lady cooked - I learnt from her last year how to cook a fried egg and I can do a very good one now but I haven't yet worked out how she does her bacon so well.

It was a rush back - having first realised why I am having so much trouble with the Jalopy. I am so used to the Mule I keep waiting for the red light to go out before starting it and then forgetting that it has a clutch so it jerks and stalls.

More visitors at the gate today waiting for a cria to be born - no luck yet!

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