Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Off-roading in a Jalopy

I had a lovely surprise visitor this morning. As I was sitting in the field with the girls a very dapper young man appeared - it was Willie, a blog reader, and never have I seen such a pristine, well ironed shirt on a man - it positively gleamed with brightness! He was sporting the most wonderful waistcoat and bow tie and made me feel decidedly unclean! We had a lovely chat about the alpacas, he's becoming quite knowledgeable, and life in general.

It was then a race to reach the library van and get some much needed light reading along with a couple of knitting books. We also had delicious pineapple cake supplied by Ibberton's own Kitchen Goddess and a visit from a cat.

The lambs are moving to the boys field at the weekend as they have now stripped an entire rosemary bush bare, broken the garden seat, eaten half the tomatoes and cracked a solar light.

No cria yet but it must be getting close. Carolyn didn't come for the evening feed, very unusual, but went and rolled in the dust bath instead. Islay was so concerned about this she stopped eating and went back to Carolyn and lay down beside her - she stuck close for the rest of the evening.

Carl took The Jalopy down to Shillingstone to put some petrol in it and saw The Shepherd loading sheep on the way back so he took The Jalopy up through the field to help him. Now, if you don't know the area I live in this may seem a normal operation - but if you do know it, you will realise this was remarkable. Even the Shepherd has to use 4 wheel drive as it is very steep and the rain has made it slippy - the Jalopy has never even heard of 4 wheel drive and only has four gears. The Jalopy just chucked up there - over ruts, up the hill, through the gorse, lurching over rabbit holes . . . amazing! It is a Peugoet 205 Look I have been told!

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  1. Thankyou Rosemary, as l said, working cloths.
    But, l was so impressed, Wow, what a wonderful site.
    I was so jealous of the big boy in the middle, surrounded by those lovely ladies, lucky chap!
    And, it has to be said, what a lovely place Dorset is. Gods own.
    It's good to stop, get out the car, and just look.
    Wonderful. Take Care.....And thankyou for letting me into your field, could have stayed their ALL day, with such lovely company, and you of course.....! Thanks Again. :0) x.