Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Not quite so hot today, but still a bit much for Sherbert who spent most of the day trying to fit herself into the water tub. Normally we just have hanging water containers Carl made on the fences but with the heat I have given each paddock a barrel as well. It means extra work in the evening, picking them all up, but the alpacas appreciate it. The other picture is a view from the top of second field with one group of girls in the distance. All the pictures had to go at the top as I couldn't make them go anywhere else!

Despite numerous trips to the poo pile, much grunting and moaning, Carolyn still has not produced her cria. Belinda is obviously feeling the heat and all that extra weight, but she has also not produced. Flamenco had me worried a few times today - her 11 months is not up until 7th June but she kept going off on her own, rolling around a lot and sleeping on their poo pile. I think, hope, she was just hot. Her last cria, Yoda, was born at 10 months and sadly died despite much bottle feeding and attention.

The lambs didn't make a permanent move to the fields as Carl said they had no Mummies and couldn't survive on their own for the night, so they had to come back to the bin shed. This meant they had to stay in the garden today as I couldn't get them all over to the fields on my own. When I popped back they had discovered they could get through the broken cat flap and were asleep in the lounge. Mummies or no mummies they are being evicted!
Interestingly, the lambs also love ivy - this worried me a I thought ivy was poisonous to animals but the Shepherd says it is fine and he uses it to turn a sick sheep round. It is some sort of narcotic which may explain their antisocial behavior!


  1. Grey haired neighbour19 May 2010 at 11:52

    Lovely pictures, Rosemary.

  2. Oh, Grey haired neighbour!! I have been missing your comments so much! I thought now I was a Google Blogger I had lost my friends! I am so happy!

  3. Grey haired neighbour19 May 2010 at 12:56

    We are avid readers of your blog, Rosemary, and think of you every day.
    (I toyed with the idea of re-inventing myself as the Cup-cake fairy, but common sense prevailed.)

  4. Cup-cake fairy!! That would have kept the Grave Digger (Sorry, Keeper of the Grave Yard), guessing!