Saturday, 22 May 2010

!! First cria of the year!!

Carolyn has had her cria! And it was amazing! Carl and Sam were away shearing and I spent all day watching, hoping something was about to happen. Carolyn was up and down to the poo pile and then she started to do a lot of really serious straining. I went over to have a look and saw things were beginning to happen so beat a hasty retreat to the fence to give her some peace - but she followed me and proceeded to have it by the fence next to me! Amazing! I have seen them born before but never so close. Sorry, the pictures look a little freaky but when you are there and it is happening it is just so magical. At one point the baby was hanging out spluttering like it was on 40 a day and I thought it was never going to get any further - but it eventually did.

And here it is just arriving at 4.28pm.

These pictures above are the arrival - which took a while and they are the wrong way round but I still can't upload photos in the right order and I have to hurry to get back over to check. Oh - and it is a little girl who is now Westhill Sunbeam!


  1. Congratulations Rosemary, a female cria from Samson. Looking forward to seeing Sunbeam in the flesh.

  2. Grey haired neighbour22 May 2010 at 13:57

    Wonderful news!
    A round of applause and a very warm welcome to Sunbeam!

  3. Great News Rosemary, wonderful pictures no matter what the order well done. A lovely start to your birthing season.

  4. Congratualtions Rosemary. She looks a real smasher!

  5. Ditto the above.......Wonderful.
    Give yourself a pat on the back. NO! lots of pats on the back.
    Lovely pictures too.
    Life is a 'Wonderful' thing in any shape or form.
    Good Luck......! :0)

  6. Lovely news congratulations Carl Rosemary and Sam it makes the hard times worthwhile oh and well done Carolyn

  7. Typical the first day I don't switch on the machine and she has it! Well don't it's great when they want to share the birth with you isn't it.

  8. Thank you, everyone! It is very exciting - trouble is I now can't wait for the next!

  9. Pat & Dave27 May 2010 at 02:40

    Rosemary, at last my p.c. is working again, ditto the above, pics are brilliant.