Monday, 3 May 2010

Pre65 photos!

Carl even talked about the Trial in his sleep last night - I've just sent him to the garage to shut him up!
Just a couple of photos!
I think he is secretly very proud of himself for getting round. When I accidentally kicked him in bed last night I discovered he has a broken toe and swollen knees!

The weather has been a little odd today - I am sure there was an odd flurry of snow at one point. I have been doing lots of watching and waiting but at least I have got a bit of knitting done at the same time. I got very excited at one point as I thought a cria had arrived but it turned out to be the cockerel asleep next to Belinda.

The lambs are running around more today and when I left the back door open just now they ventured into the lounge - not something I had better encourage.

The SFS popped over in the afternoon and I now have a model for some of the knitwear - strange request also for a knitted bikini - not sure which one of them that was for!


  1. wow that cameraman must have been quick to get a photo of you with both your feet on the footpegs

  2. Carl says he couldn't have taken his feet off if he had wanted to due to his two broken toes!