Monday, 10 May 2010

Carolyn, Mossop and Dreadful Lambs

It has been a little warmer today but no where near T shirt weather. I'll start with the good bits but you might not want to read the end bit of this blog.

The lambs have found their feet and, if I leave the door open, charge madly through the house, wee on the carpet, jump on the settee and then bounce out. They have wrecked what there was of a flower border. I tried to get them over to the fields this morning but carrying three lambs over a road proved too much for me. I tried to put them in a bag attached to the sack truck but it was hopeless and I had visions of them careering off. I have just had to evict them from Sam's bedroom.

Belinda and Carolyn are both looking increasingly huge! This is Carolyn with Sherbert. I know Carolyn isn't much of a looker but she produced a nice cria last year and is mated to Wellground Buckingham this year so we will see! I really thought she was going to have it today - very restless and rolling with lots of panting and grunting but nothing arrived.

Well now for the sad bit - it was Mossop's (the sheep) last day today. I bottle reared him and he should have been dispatched for the freezer ages ago but he was very sweet and things conspired to help us keep putting it off. He just got too big and strong - plus he took great delight in knocking me over! I didn't want someone else taking him away and killing him because I felt he was my responsiblity and I had to be with him until the bitter end. Well, I was, in fact long past the bitter end! It was difficult to experience but very quick and he didn't know what was happening - in fact he gave me a good kick before going to pastures new.


  1. It's hard when you have to do the 'deed' with the lambs isn't it. You were very brave, I have to make Paul take them, dealing with the box on it's return is hard enough.

  2. Oh! Dear, Oh! Dear, sorry, that's ALL l can say.
    It was bad enough when my daughter had Hampsters, and they had to be put down. Could'nt do it! Always took them to the Vet.
    Your very brave....! Bless You. :0(