Friday, 28 May 2010

All cria are lovely but Velocette has to be the prettiest little one we have ever had. She is still very wobbly but she does feed on her own now but tends to fall over. She was 8.2kg yesterday and is still the same today. She is stronger but does not kush for long - she falls over onto her side. I keep rushing over thinking that she has expired. Flamenco is an extremely good mum and doesn't mind me going over to Velocette or picking her up which helps. It is lovely to be so close to a cria but not good and I keep hoping she will get up and run away which would be far more natural.
And this is Sunbeam! She is very strong and lively - a bit of a trouble maker who has started to take control of the dust bath, even pushing poor Bertie out of the way!

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  1. They both look stunning Rosemary. Well done.