Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Potato Gifts

Another hot day today, but no rain which was forecast. Billy, the Bowser, is now empty and so I am carting water from the house but the rain water butts are also nearly empty. This means, if it doesn't rain soon, we will need to start using the metered house water - not good! We need the rain but at the same time I want a dry Saturday and Sunday as we are shearing again. Sunbeam is doing well but Little Star is still most upset that she exists. Sunbeam is desperately trying to play with her but she is having none of it! Belinda is now very enormous and very tired but not really looking a if anything is imminent. She is now 353 days and next week the next group come into their birthing window so my watching system is really going to go to pieces! Mum popped over today with my sister in law and it was good to see them both. Mum brought me a bag of potatoes from the supermarket which was very kind, if rather a strange gift - I think she must feel we are desperate for food as I mentioned I hadn't gone to the shops because of waiting and watching.

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