Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Beware if we invite you to a BBQ!

First a huge thank you to The Great and Mighty One's! Last nights blog picture of the cervical plug was not what I thought it was - thank goodness I posted the picture. I must admit the one I thought I found last year was a different colour - white and not this raspberry shade. I had an email this morning and it seems this could be a bit of retained placenta. If this is the case it must be Flamenco's and we need to keep a close eye on her. If she has trouble getting pregnant again this could be the cause and she may need a course of antibiotics. She seems fine today and I have not found any more so in the meantime the gunge has made it's way into the freezer so I can present it to the vet if need be (assuming we haven't eaten it first, thinking it is Mossop's liver!).

It has been a worrying day today - Belinda is now 360 days and this morning she fell over. I have never seen an alpaca fall over before and it is very scarey. She is still a bit wobbly on her legs and not herself. She appears to be walking a bit bow legged at the back and is unsteady but she is grazing for short times. The baby is kicking inside her like a crazy thing. She has always been a hand feeder but you can't normally go over and stroke her - she just sat there while I rubbed her neck today. There are not really any signs of imminent birth but something is going on. I almost called the vet but brought the group down to the barn instead and gave her some Camelibra and fresh hay instead. She perked up a bit so I'll see how she is in a minute. It may just be she is very tired but it all seems very odd.


  1. Still all a bit worrying, isn't. Hope everthing works out though. A little prayer would'nt go amiss. But, l also remember falling over when l was 360 days old, down Bryanston Street.
    (Mum, used to give me a little drop of wine in those days).
    BBQ....oooO!....If you need a Chef/Cook.....!
    I'm the one.....Though l don't come cheap.....!
    Good luck with the Babes. :0)x
    Take Care.....!

  2. Good luck with Belinda, hopefully she will produce soon and that will help - it's supposed to be nice weather tomorrow.

    One of mine, Willow who is at 357 (20 days longer than she usually goes) is walking rather bowed legged at the back due to the excess weight. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day!