Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fencing Blues

Another jolly evening of post banging. It always starts okay but generally degenerates after about five minutes. HE says I am not levelling the posts properly, I say HE is not banging them in straight. The ground is full of flints so I DO level them correctly and then a flint sends them of course. Then I have to try to level them up again with a mighty great post banger swinging over my head and HIM saying "GET THE LEVEL ON STRAIGHT . . YOU'VE GOT IT UPSIDE DOWN . . . THE OTHER WAY!!!" The lambs, meanwhile, are bleating like crazy because their are being weaned from their bottles. We've given up on post banging for the rest of the evening and retreated to a calming can of lager!

No more cria yet and I am getting increasingly worried that the 3 currently due are about to produce nothing - Prue, not due until next week, definitely has something kicking around inside - but these three! The love affair Crispie is conducting over the fence with Dude seems to rule her out which leaves Islay and Sherbert as my, "Let's hope so's"!


  1. Seems to me Rosemary, there's an aweful lot of 'banging' going on up their....!
    Is that aloud......!
    Lovely.....take Care.....! :0)

  2. Snap - our post banging is always like that and I@m weaning my lambs too; they are not happy!