Thursday, 10 June 2010

A visit from the Knitting Guru and the VAT man!

The day started in a leisurely fashion with a little waste management, a lot of alpaca bottom watching and a fair bit of trough cleaning - then Ashdale Alpacas descended, bearing gifts - thank you! We compared knitting - Irene brought some really beautiful items, and then she proceeded to unpick the creation which had taken me 5 days so far - apparently tension matters and you can't just knit a sleeve and then hope the whole thing will come together in the end! The three cria were introduced and Lily came over to reacquaint herself with Irene. Si is a man who knows his maths - he can calculate VAT without blinking so he was set to costing and sidetracked into calculating stitches per inch. They brought along a very nice fleece sample from their stud and a couple of other little crackers. We also saw their new and very professional publicity material. Now I have a list of knitting to complete before we go over to get together again - hopefully, they will have a cria for us to see by then - and, hopefully, my next knitting will pass the Irene Test!

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