Thursday, 17 June 2010

Holes, Silage and Waiting

I do feel better today - if not exactly rejuvenated! The burn doesn't hurt much now - just itches, and who needs teeth?!

The three girls who are due are now 349 days for Sherbert and Crispie and 350 for Islay. I really do think Crispie has something there but at the same time she is very keen on Dude which can't be normal - alpacas are extraordinary animals. Barry-Norton has spent most of the day trying to mate with Islay's head! She is always very patient with the cria but even she began to get fed up when every time she lay down he ran up and jumped on! We were supposed to weigh the cria this evening but I forgot to get batteries for the scales and I am a little concerned about Velocette. She is lively but whenever I go near her she runs over sniffing around for milk and Flamenco does not have a huge udder. She is also sniffing round Lily and Emily so we need to keep a close eye on her.

Several recce's have been made up the road this evening as Carl and the Neighbour are desperate to know what is going on. A huge hole with a tank in it and a deep trench has appeared - must be something to do with water they think - I told Carl to see The Shepherd, he'll know! Valtra Man cut third field for silage today - I love it when that is baled as it is a beautiful field, I shall run around in it, pretending I'm playing with the dog as an excuse!

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