Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Firstly, my burn - thank you for asking Debbie. The Doctor began by saying he needed to cut the dead skin off - not a good idea I told him. He, however, insisted and then put a dressing on it and it now hurts far worse than it did before but I don't care anymore because this evening has been REALLY exciting!

Dude started his working career! And he loved it!! We meant to try him with Carolyn first but she was obviously not ready so we decided to give it a go with Emily but before we could get Emily in, Flamenco was hanging over the gate desperate to get to him. She is the one who could possibly have a bit of retained placenta but she was straight in and down and he was on! Orgling like a good 'un. He slid off at the start but Carl got him back in and he had a whale of a time! Flamenco was very happy with him and had a good cuddle afterwards. Here's the photo - excuse the awful boots we left on him - my idea and not Carl's, they are coming off soon!

The down point is that Crispie, the suri, lay down by the pen, probably not pregnant after all. Emily, however, was desperate as soon as he started his orgling. She tried mating with Crispie!! Her turn tomorrow or Thursday!

Dude is now strutting his stuff and looking very pleased with himself - strangely, Carl is also strutting around looking very pleased with himself!


  1. Well done Dude...The man! Not sure Carl can take the credit there!

  2. You're the man Dude! Respect......

    I am so pleased Rosemary. Well done.


  3. Well done Dude, I remember what Legend of Spartacus was like strutting round after he finally got the hang of things last year. They are funny aren't they.

    Sorry to hear the nasty doctor hurt, but I'm sure it was for the best!