Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm a Dutchman!

It is 2.15am and only now have I reached blogging time!

It has been very hot again and it was all getting too much for the girls in the end paddock. Sherbert and Bert had yet another fight for shed supremacy which led to a lot of spit which in turn led to a lot of flies. They all then trooped up the hill where Bert and Sherbert had another fight for Dust Bath dominance. They had lots of water at the bottom of the hill by their field shelter but I decided to put a tub at the top as well. Bert promptly tipped it up and lay in it so I filled it up again and as I was doing so I accidentally threw a bucket of water over her - she loved it. She shuffled around, groaning ecstatically as only Bert can - so I threw another bucket over her. After that she came over looking expectantly at me everytime I drove past in the Mule.

Last night I said to Carl, someone will have a cria today or I'm a Dutchman - hence the title!


  1. parfit gentil knyght24 June 2010 at 10:10

    Welke volgende windmolens op de heuvel?

  2. Mijn hillocks hebben geen windmolens!

  3. What a wonderful language Dutch is!
    It sounds brilliant - I may post my next entry in Dutch!