Friday, 4 June 2010

Comfy bottoms

Somehow, I managed to do something to my back last night so I have been hobbling around a bit today. I had to give up on waste management in the top paddock today - which I will regret tomorrow!

All cria are now doing well. Barry-Norton has a tremendous, thick curly topknot and is a glowing gingery fawn. Velocette is charging around with Lily and Emily while Sunbeam is just happy she has a new play mate.

Little Star, Bert's cria from last year has suddenly become incredibly friendly - running over to have her head and neck rubbed, she is also teasing Cool Dude. I don't think she will be big enough for mating this year but I have a feeling that is what she is after!

All this activity has really stirred up Dude who spent much of the morning practising his orgling at the fence. Another week or so and we will see what he makes of girls close up!

We have now entered the birthing window for Islay, Sherbert and Crispie. I am going to try to forget about Islay as I think I may be disappointed again with that one! Sherbert and Crispie are the two suris - last year Crispie was early and Sherbert was late so the bets are on Crispie being first but I have a sneaky suspicion it will not be so!

The Shepherd came round the other evening and has taken one of Carl's cutters away as apparently they can be reground - he was sporting a great pair of Horner shearing trousers which I fear Carl is secretly coveting. Apparently, rather like when riding, jeans ride up and twist and make you extremely uncomfortable in the nether regions!

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  1. Grey haired neighbour4 June 2010 at 22:21

    Glad to hear that all the new-born are thriving, Rosemary.