Friday, 18 June 2010

Pesky flies

The flies have been dreadful today. Sherbert was really being pestered by them and they were those nasty biting ones - I think it may be time for the summer fly cream tomorrow. It is raining at the moment but only a drizzly rain. Carl is out this evening as somehow he has managed to acquire another bike and he has gone to collect it. This is despite him saying he has no money.Strangely, it looks exactly the same as the old bike he had which he kindly sold to pay for an alpaca related emergency. Odd!

Silage in third has all been wrapped and it looks good. I shall try and get a photo tomorrow. It is a busy day tomorrow as Dude is on mating duties and we are checking over all the alpacas. We also have the unenviable task of weighing the lambs. Two Tone is becoming a bit of a nuisance as she will jump up like a dog and what was cute in a tiny lamb is not so cute in a hefty great trainee sheep!

I am a little nervous tonight as Sam has a new experience tomorrow, which he will not let me blog about, but I feel my little boy has now grown up!

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  1. As long as Sam doesn't lock the bathroom door and Carl doesnt turn up on a bright yellow Suzuki everything will be fine!