Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I am not 19!

Sadly, I feel my body is falling apart. Inside I feel 19 but my outside bits do not realise this. Teeth problems again. I went for a filling, dreading it as usual, but now I would rather have had the filling than what I did get, the news that there was no point in filling it as it was going to fall out anyway! So, what with my teeth about to strew themselves to the winds, my burn looking disgusting and - to cap it all - Carl's big iron fencing bar falling on my big toe - I am a wreck! I also nearly had a heart attack when I looked over at Crispie's paddock this afternoon and saw her on her back with all four legs up in the air - like a dead cartoon cow! I raced over to find her snoring so rushed over to get the camera by which time she had slid back over.She still looks a bit pregnant to me - despite her lying down by Dude and letting Emily jump on top of her - I don't know!

I tried to get photos of the cria in between limping, itching my burn and checking my teeth were still there but all I got was an out of focus picture of Sunbeam (the grass looks good though!).

P.S. Carl completed the fencing on his own!


  1. Now..! Come along Rosemary........!
    Just pretend your a pair or curtains......!
    AND, pull yourself together......!
    It's still looks all worth while.
    Perhaps Crispie was trying to get her tummy brown.
    Lovely photo of Sunbeam though.
    Can l say it please.....Ah! :0)x.
    Hope you get your teeth sorted.....and don't get to down in the mouth......! Think Pink....!

  2. OMG...poor really can only get better...take care of that burn (that's from a nurse!)

  3. I think you need spoiling to aid a speedy recovery.