Monday, 7 June 2010

A man who knows rosettes

Rain, lots of rain. They are having a lot of it in Cornwall today according to Peter from Rosettes of Quality who I am in constant contact with. We are working on the Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece Show rosettes and sashes and he is a man dedicated to rosettes. What he doesn't know about a rosette is not worth knowing - he's also very knowledgeable about silage which we have discussed in depth.

Poor Sherbert, the Suri, is shivering and looking at me out of pleading eyes but there is not much I can do about the rain. The cria are all charging round keeping warm.

My burn responded well to clingfilm but I gave it a bit of an airing today. I had a talk about whether it should be covered with Elephant Man's wife and she said to check with the doctor, which I did. Unfortunately, I have ended up having to go to the surgery tomorrow - not my favourite place!

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