Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wife in Giant Water Barrel Incident

What a hot morning - luckily a bit of a breeze blew across the fields in the afternoon. Dude has settled into his new pen and seems to like it. He can watch all his girls and if he peers round the corner he can catch a glimpse of the boys. He has lots more shade and somewhere to roll. I took Sam to meet his friends and think I passed the Parfit Gentyl Knyght on the way home. Carl went off early to deliver two massive RSJs which were surplus to requirements - they were pretty tricky to load even with the aid of the front loader - they swing! He then returned with several gigantic 'water barrels' which are now stacked up at the back of the garden. I had to lean on them while he undid the stretchy straps on the trailer and I had visions of him having to write the blog tonight with a title such as "Wife hospitalised after being run over by many water barrels!"

Sam came back happy and raving over a roast dinner - our salad tea was a bit of a disappointment to him. We then had to rush around getting the mower ready for haymaking. Cruella, the cat, is not happy as she was sleeping under it! To be truthful, it was mainly Sam and Carl rushing around as I was finishing off my suri fleece sorting. It is the first time I have sorted the suri as we have never had enough before. It is quite remarkable stuff as it is so slippery and feels like it is wet to the touch - but it isn't and it has a lovely shine to it. I am really looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


  1. Grey haired neighbour27 June 2010 at 22:09

    You forgot to mention the gunfire, Rosemary.
    Several hours of shotguns being discharged - or perhaps the breezes blew the noise the other way?

  2. Ah, yes! The 50th Birthday Party Clay Pigeon Shoot - no, the breezes din't sort that one out!