Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dude calls for Sherpa Tenzing

I can't seem to catch up with everything at the moment so last night I had the brilliant idea of creating an extra day by not going to bed - mistake. I had a glove to finish knitting so I had a matching pair and I couldn't get it right. I unpicked, reknitted, unpicked, got hooked on the shopping channel and nearly bought a string of Taiwanese pearls and a miracle moisturiser. Today I have felt very lethargic and still can't get the glove to look like the other one!

The Doctor lied when he said the gauze would not stick to the burn. In fact it did worse than that, embedding itself inside the scab. I will say no more except that I have now reverted to alternating fresh air and cling film and it hurts.

Carl and Sam were shearing today, I won't say where as they didn't ask permission but what a wonderful place and a fantastic use for alpacas. They were grazing beside a woodland burial area - fantastic, a comforting sight for mourners.

We tried another mating with Cool Dude, this time it was a liaison with Carolyn who is quite a hefty girl. She had a dance with Dude first and then sat straight down. Dude was straight on - but then rolled off. We made the mistake of doing the mating in a pen in the corner of their field - which slopes! We put him back on - he fell off! Carl sat behind him to support him and - he slid out and off! This went on for a while despite us lifting Carolyn, she wasn't moving, and plopping her down on a marginally flatter area. In the end we hauled Dude out and decided to try again tomorrow somewhere flatter. Little Star was desperate to get at him; cuddling up to Sam and clucking at the gate but she really is not big enough. Happily, Islay and Sherbert were not interested although the jury is still out on Islay. This evening we are cutting lawns and tidying up because tomorrow Heidi Klumm comes for the photo shoot!


  1. Sorry to hear your burn is still painful !..they are horrible things !...and take alot of healing !...sadly there seems to be no pain relief either !......hope things settle down for you soon !......Jayne

  2. Rosemary, try and get a hold of some homeopathy..called Cantharis !....this should help with the soreness and pain from your burn ! Just a suggestion...hope you don't mind !..I find homeopathy works really well..for both humans and animals !!....let me know if you can't get any....Jayne

  3. Thank you, Jayne. We used homeopathy last year with one of the cria and it seemed effective. I will certainly try to get some Cantharis tomorrow - thnk you.