Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Washing Machine Repair Man

I have to admit my shop is not going too well. The target was to have it up and running by the end of May - it is now nearly the end of June and it is still not ready. The problem is having enough time to sit at the computer and sort it out. That is impossible while I am in and out of the field with the animals which I am when it is light - and it is light a long time! Never mind, we'll get there! I have been replenishing water a lot today - it has been very hot. I also went to water the grass seed we put down in Dude's paddock yesterday, only to find a whole gang of strutting pheasants eating it!

There is a lot of activity up on the hill with diggers, vans and multitudes of men (no women, which is probably why, whatever it is they are doing, is taking so long!). No cria activity in the fields I am afraid.

Carl is in a bad mood a the washing machine has broken and whilst mending it he discovered an open tin of cat food which had rolled under the kitchen cupboard. It was virtually empty and can't have been there that long but apparently this is all the fault of Cruella and Smudge who are, "Dirty cats!" It didn't help when I told him that if we had those kick board things at the bottom of the cupboards like normal people have, it wouldn't have rolled under there. I am sadly afraid that in a minute he is going to discover what has made the washing machine break and I fear that it is all due to a lolly stick which got stuck through one of the holes in the drum last week and sadly worked it's way into the innards. I just hope it has disintegrated sufficiently for him not to realise or that will be the fault of Cruella and Smudge no doubt.

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  1. Ah! the joys of Dorset life, wonderful, would'nt change it for the world...!
    Stick at it Rosemary, your a diamond, love reading your Blog and seeing the photo's.
    You'll be up for an O.B.E. or summat similiar, GREAT. :0)
    Washing Machine....?.....What's a Washing Machine? l still go across the field to the river Stour, can't beat it, and it's free...!