Saturday, 26 June 2010

Muscle Inspection at Ashdale Alpacas

Great, relaxing day today - we went out! Sam and The Chippendales looked after the alpacas while we motored down to sunny Devon to visit Irene and Si at Ashdale Alpacas. I needed to see Irene as a matter of urgency as I had a knitting catastrophe - - - A Dropped Stitch! Turned out the reason I couldn't find it and sort it out was that I hadn't dropped one in the first place. After a chat and coffee surrounded by fantastic displays of bedding plants and having persuaded Si and Carl to stop showing us their muscles we took a tour of the alpacas - and they look really good. One of their studs was having a grand old orgle at the fence and I couldn't believe how well Timothy has grown. Their barn is almost complete and looks wonderful - made me quite jealous. There were also some very nice females I had my eye on - shame we didn't have the stock trailer with us! Sadly, we couldn't stay too long but I did notice Si and Carl's eyes beginning to glaze over as Irene and I got deep into the joy of 'Feather and Fan'! I forgot to take the camera so no pictures.

Back home Sam and The Chippendales had done a great job - even finding time to water Bert with the watering can. Sam had also managed to unblock the tap on the Bowser which clogged up when Carl filled it last night. Sadly, no babies but, when Carl gets back from fixing a link of The Shepherd's tractor, we are about to go and introduce Dude to his brand new summer pen.

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