Sunday, 6 June 2010

Things to do with a roll of cling film

Things were going really well last night. I had invented a pattern for a sort of cardigan thing, after all there can only be so many people in the world who want a grey hat, and I started knitting the sleeve, I had to start with the sleeve as that is the only bit of the pattern I have invented so far - I'll worry about the rest of it when that bit is done. At 2am I had had enough and went to make a cup of tea before a bit of sleep. Stupidly, I reached over the kettle to get a tea bag and burnt my arm really horribly. I ran cold water on it , wrapped a wet, cold tea towel round it which was dripping every where so I decided to sellotape the wrapper from Farmer and Grower magazine round it but it hurt so much I couldn't manage the sellotaping. This meant I had to go and wake Carl up; he was half asleep but managed to sellotape the bag on so I went to bed but it throbbed so bad I couldn't sleep. I tried to pull the bag back off which was getting hot and restricting circulation but Carl had managed to tape it very tightly to the hairs on my arms - so I had to get up again and find the scissors to cut it off. This morning it hurt and looked foul - I don't know how people cope with serious burns. Luckily, it is my left arm and I have wrapped my whole arm in cling film which has made it feel better and stopped it getting dirt in it. Not that I have achieved much today and Carl and Sam have been shearing so Westhill Alpacas has been very quiet. A couple of photos to finish with - First is Barry-Norton in the front with Sunbeam behind him and the second is Barry-Norton on his own - - - they are all doing very well!


  1. Grey haired neighbour6 June 2010 at 13:44

    Rosemary, you poor thing, that sounds horrible.
    Beautiful photos.

  2. What stunning photos Rosemary, you have captured their very souls. And those fleeces look wonderful. You must be pleased with those photo's. Amazing !!!!


  3. Hope your arm gets better soon !..burns are horrible..things !!...that will stop the knitting !!....lovely photos....of your new arrivals.....Jayne

  4. Yes, lovely photos, Rosemary.......!
    Love the second one, in the sunlight,
    he looks Pink.......If you ever breed
    a Pink one, let me know.......if not
    give him a nice name like Willie.....!
    Look after that arm, take care now....!:0)