Saturday, 5 June 2010

Irritation in the ranks

Today has been very sultry and the girls and Dude have all been irritable. Bert thinks the field shelter belongs to her and there was a tremendous rumpus this afternoon when Sherbert barged in. Dude spotted a pheasant in his paddock and went crazy leaping around trying to pulverise it. Prue is now so enormous she is just waddling around glaring at anyone who comes close and I have spent a lot of time sitting in a deckchair knitting. My new creation I am quite proud of, despite Carl saying it is another trawler net. The online shop will open soon if it kills me - I do have some nice items to go in it, but they were not knitted by me! Carl and Sam have been away shearing, and I wanted to go with them but couldn't, which did at least mean there is knitting progress.

Bit of a disaster with the fleece this afternoon. Smudge, the cat, got into Dude's and I had visions of a fleece judge examining it, drawing out a cat hair and bemoaning the lack of crimp! I was trying to sort it all ready for showing, processing, felting and my attempt at spinning - there is just so much to do!


  1. There just aren't enough hours in the day are there!!

  2. I'll second that !! must just be the time of year !....too much to do...not enough daylight hours or people to do it !!.....keep up the good work !.............Jayne