Monday, 28 February 2011

Musings amongst the Poo

Today has been cold!  Much warmer up north - or it was anyway.  For me, today was back to reality but at least there was no house to clean, The Chippendales had done a fantastic job and even cleaned the porch floor - I also have a super clean and hygienic sink!  Sam did quite well but there were a few dodgy bits to his looking after everything.  I am not convinced his poo picking was of the highest standard, the metal rod on the top of the Mule door has been bent considerably and he has dug two coffin shaped holes in the barn floor - Why?  There is also a plum line hanging from the top of the barn roof (how did he get up there?) - Why?  I  discovered this early this morning when the door of the Mule fell into my arms, I tripped over a spade and ended up in a coffin, then poked myself in the eye on a dangling plumb line whilst climbing out of my grave.  We will be having a little chat later.

I was thinking as I poo collected today about alpaca knitwear.  It is occupying my thoughts as after my Christmas rush I am not selling  - part of the problem is not getting to enough shows with it - people need to see it and feel it.  My online shop doesn't really reach enough people I don't think.  I then fantasised and slid into my ideal world, a place I seem to go to increasingly these days.  In my dream world there is a shop somewhere and you can rent a space there, it's all alpaca related stuff, you send your stuff there and pay a commission to the people running it (who are alpaca people) on whatever they sell.  Maybe someone is doing it already - and if not maybe I'll do it one day - or maybe that is a daft idea anyway.  A kind of flea market for alpaca goods (flea has the wrong connotations)  Anyway I have had a long time to think today whilst also pondering on how much poo collecting Sam actually did.


  1. Its good to dream and ponder !...I do it when Im spinning !...talking of spinning....Ive been doing a bit today....finishing off what I had started showing you.....keep dreaming and they will come true....hows Greeves getting he sniffing the feed....or eating it or neither !!.....Jayne

  2. I am afraid he is running away from it! But I have a new plan for tomorrow - he and his Aunty Islay are going into their own makeshift pen with their own feeding bowls.
    Let's see the spinning results on your blog!

  3. Poo picking is a great time for 'thinking' and making plans or at least coming up with the ideas, I do it all the time.

  4. Yes "poo-picking" feels a little like a meditation...that is until a furry friend strolls up and hovers whilst I attempt to catch what she delivers rather than chase it round the paddock!

    It's cold (and wet) here too, despite the forecast still telling us that it's just cloudy!!