Saturday, 5 February 2011

Greeves - The Monster!

Well, not really - but not bad for him!  Weighing today and in 6 days he has gained 850g so he is now at 15.1kg , and a gain despite being weaned!  I am very, very pleased.

This morning, after Sam returned from work, we had a trip to Somerset to look at the tractor he has been trying to get to see for weeks.  He went all pink in the face and, after a  good poke around, he bought it.  Now he cannot stop talking about it and is already fussing about when it will arrive and what he is going to do with it!  We went there in the new car which Carl calls Uncle Festa, so I presume it is a Fiesta, and it went very well despite a rather unpleasant smell.  I think the man was half way through valeting it and it is a sort of rotten, damp smell.

Other than that it has been poo collecting, tying everything down because of the wind, sorting out hay racks and Carl trying to save my sanity by making a longer tow bar for the Mule.


  1. So sooooo pleased Greeves has gained a decent amount of weight at last! I always check on your posts about him :-)

  2. I was very, very pleased as well! Literally jumping about in the field!

  3. Hi Rosemary,

    As I said, we often find weaning improves cria weight, perhaps the survival instinct kicks in.