Sunday, 20 February 2011

Moving sheds

Saw went off to work as usual at 6 this morning - with a quick detour to check on his tractor (It is a L2850, Rob!).  The tractor is very useful as, when he got home, I got him to flatten ruts and move a field shelter.
I had to, according to Sam, sit behind in the Mule for no reason that was immediately obvious - but I did get to drive it when he got to a tricky bit where he had to guide it round a corner!

Safely in position and the girls shot in!

After lots of clearing up in fields it was back to the computer as we have decided we have to now put Barry Norton and Barnaby Rudge up for sale and I had to finish the sales details on Alpaca Seller - they also have their own little mini blog at - or see the link at the side of this page!  For anyone who is interested in young lads (alpacas that is) we do know of another source of gorgeous chaps!  Parting with Barry and Barnaby would be a real wrench as they are so very sweet but it has got to be done.

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  1. Its nice to see that its not only me in her Sunday best !.....looks like the alpacas are enjoying their new location, location, location.....apparently thats all that matters ! ...I have just recently put the link on the you're not going mad !....Jayne