Thursday, 17 February 2011

Living on a knife edge!

Bit of an up and down day today with a minor panic that we would not be able to go on holiday next week - however, I think (fingers crossed) that we have found a creative way around the difficulty!

It has been nice weather today but I was prevented from too much field work as my parcel from ebay was due to arrive - it didn't!  I hate it when I have to sit around waiting for deliveries. Never mind, the house got cleaned.  After the slight panic this morning, Carl has been getting in the holiday mood and keeps checking the weather in the north in  preparation.  He's bothering me to find an excuse for a trip to Rob at Wellground  to see his weather equipment - I have told him we have enough Camelibra to last weeks but he is muttering that you can never have too much!

A phone call this afternoon from Wincanton Laboratories to say the plasma is ready for collection - very quick.

Angelina Jolie with Dobby and Caedmon in the background


  1. My Weather Station ??? You haven't seen anything like my Weather Station. Actually, it's Les's Weather Station really, but I have claimed it for the blog he he...

    I could show you my etchings too if you'd like ;o))


  2. Glad you solved the holiday problem and if you're heading up the A1 and fancy a cuppa when your passing feel free!!