Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My biggest panic ever - Greeves

Rushing around until 2pm cleaning paddocks, shelters, water . . .   Everyone was fine, all happy.  I then went back to clean the house ready for the arrival of the Chippendales.  At 4 I asked Sam to come over with me and bring the camera to take a photo for the blog.  As I went into Greeves paddock I could not see him but thought he must be in the field shelter - he wasn't.  Terrible panic started to set in and then as I went over the rise I saw him - too late in the day for sunbathing and he didn't move as I shouted for Sam and ran over.
Real panic.  As I knelt down he twitched his ears and I pushed him back up - you can't see from the photo but he was lying with his feet uphill and I think he had got stuck.  He made a lot of burping noises.
 . . . then I pushed him up onto his feet and he went to the toilet, perfectly normal, and had a very long wee.  I have just checked him and he is kushed, perfectly normally, next to his Aunty Islay - we'll see how he is later.

After that huge shock, I went to have a word with Bert and tell her  about us, hopefully, going away and to keep an eye on Greeves.
Not sure she understood a word!

Hopefully, all is okay and there will be no more blog until we get back next Monday - if I blog before we have not been able to go!!


  1. Oh! Rosemary....Oh!
    Little prayer, l think...Bless..! x.

  2. MY heart stopped - don't know how you must have felt ! Fingers crossed it was just the down hill bit

  3. Ohh Rosemary.....oh I said 'ohhhhhh nooooo' out loud! Everything crossed it was just a blip for little Greeves x I too will say a little prayer x

  4. He certainly knows how to get you worried this boy doesn't he! Glad all now seems ok.

    Good luck holding the fort Sam, maybe you could fit in a blog with all your other jobs you're being left with!!!

  5. Ohhhh!!! Don't do that to us Greeves, you little horror. Have a lovely time both.

    Rob n Les

  6. Sorry it's a delayed reaction fron India...but Greeves is famous...glad he seems okay.

    Have a good one!

  7. You'll just have to take him with you...he obviously doesn't want you to leave him!

  8. Oh Dear ! What a real shock ! That first photo....really had me worried ! Ive had one or two moments like that and its really heart-stoppingly horrible !! Bring him along and he can have a little holiday with you ......the more the merrier....thats what I say....Im sure Sam will have him in the house before you know it !......Try to enjoy your holiday......Jayne

  9. Your little Greaves are fine. It was fingers crossed it was just the down hill bit Such that it shows that you are very much caring about them.