Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I can see clearly now . . almost

Today I have been running around all over the place.  The blood has been taken to Wincanton Laboratories for spinning into plasma - very friendly there and quick, it should be ready tomorrow.  I took Mum to Dorchester for her eye test and had mine done at the same time.  Very nice Scottish lady optician.  The eye test took ages but this was partly due to the fact that we got talking about alpacas, which she was very interested in, and she knew Popham alpacas so we had a good chat whilst I was wearing the strange eye test paraphernalia and she was puffing air in my eyes.

The hunt was out and I got a bit mixed up with the riders on the way through - several lorries also chose that moment to negotiate the country lanes and it was all a bit of a mix up for a while; with The Shepherd's Lady in the middle of it all with Prince Charles' Wife's horse.

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