Monday, 7 February 2011

Posing for the camera!

First drive out in the new car today (It's a Fiesta, Andy!).  It is jolly nippy and can get up the hill in third gear.  I think I like it very much, despite the horrendous smell emanating from the interior!
Cassie and Zara are now with the other group of girls and there have been no tantrums.  Cassie is keeping herself a little aloof but Zara is making friends - mind you both Cassie and Zara are very keen on the field shelter, Cassie shoots in there and claims the best spot at the slightest hint of rain.  She has also claimed all the food bowls.  I don't think she could believe her luck tonight as I accidentally put Dylan's bowl down as well - she had a real grumble when I took it away again!

Dylan has decided he is too big for his bowl anyway!

Zara has now taken to posing for the camera - just copying Lina, I think!

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