Thursday, 3 February 2011

Near Death Experience!

I am just recovering from a traumatic experience!  I have a new car (it's green) and tonight we had to go and collect it from Boscombe which is a long way and a VERY busy place.  On one road I counted 5 furniture shops in 5 minutes!  Carl drove us there and then I drove the Jalopy home while he drove the new car (it's green).  I had no idea where we were or how to get home but he said he would go slow and wait for me if we got lost.  All went okay until we came to a huge roundabout somewhere.  There were at least 20 lanes, cars going everywhere and it was dark.  I got very confused and pulled out just as a BIG, Fast car zoomed towards me - much screeching of brakes (from him) much trembling (from the Jalopy) - then I was half way across a lane on a roundabout with cars shooting around me.  I managed to edge into a lane and took the next exit only to catch a glimpse of Carl going the other way.  Despite my fluttering heart me and the Jalopy managed to turn off and go back to catch Carl where he was waiting in a layby.  Phew!  It was all my fault, I am just not used to big traffic in the dark.  The Jalopy did very well, he's like a little brawny lad and I can hear him saying,  "Think you can get me?  Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough . . . "  A close shave that and I am not going there again!

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  1. A different interpretation on the dodgems!! Glad all turned out well.