Monday, 14 February 2011

Looking forward to Spring - and summer!

I couldn't blog last night as the internet suddenly disappeared.  The weather was awful -  rain and wind.  We didn't achieve much outside because of this but we did have a visit from The Chippendales who were here for instructions ready for their visit next week while we are away.  We are going to have a few days of adventure whilst Sam and The Chippendales look after things here.  It has to be now or the lambs will be upon us - also it has to fit in with Sam's half term.  More on our little adventure later!

With one sock finished I am now ploughing on with the other one and am trying to get it finished quickly as I have worked out how to knit two at the same time on circular needles (not sure in which direction the heel will go when I turn it!).  It all sounds highly complicated but I shall have a go!  My winning lot on ebay is also on the way and I am quite excited about that, just hope I can work it!

I think I am really going to have to get new tyres for the Mule now, I kept getting bogged down this afternoon and I really wanted a good clear up as the weather does not look good for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is not going to be pleasant as I have the vet coming to take blood for plasma spinning.  After several phone calls to Wellground we got ourselves organised and, after final discussions with the vet this evening, we are all ready to go - the wethers are not going to be too keen on this!  It has to be done though as I know I will need the plasma, at least for Bert's baby and I do not want another tragedy like Matchless.

Tonight I couldn't face more photos of bedraggled alpacas - so here are some from last spring and summer!

Greeves - he needs more grass!

Desperate to make hay - we are running low!

Velocette - summer and more cria!

More lambs coming soon!  These are Teddy and Two Tone.

Summer - and cuddly Bert will be back!

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