Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have had a bit of a trying afternoon.  Rain, mud and the vet coming to take blood!  Everything was organised, only thing to do was to get the boys into the barn ready for the vets arrival.  This should have been simple as they know where they are going and normally trot straight in - not today!  Harry was with the group I needed and he isn't yet used to the route to the barn.  He is also not used to my bits of rope for runs!  Spike trotted off to the barn and Harry trotted straight past, crawled under the rope and charged off up the track looking for the girls.  I attempted to cut him off, slipped in the mud and brought my rope barrier down with me.  Spike then shot back out of the barn followed by Alf which stirred up the two little weaners, Barry and Dylan.  They trotted up the track only to spot their Mum's (who promptly ran away from them).  Dylan then saw Bert and went into a bit of a frenzy (she is rather gorgeous) and then I completely lost the plot - much swearing and shouting at this point with me slipping and sliding around and alpacas shooting in all directions.  Luckily, Carl then appeared over the hill - apparently the Gentleman Farmer was looking over the field gate, hope he didn't hear the worst of the swearing - but he probably did!  Calm descended, just in time as the vets then appeared. 
Spike is the best behaved alpaca in the whole wide world and made no fuss about contributing blood.  I did threaten Harry that he would be next after his performance - I didn't mean it, we had enough from the others and I did say sorry to him for the shouting.
I now have a fridge of blood to take to Wincanton Laboratories tomorrow for spinning into plasma.  The vet did a great job, it is not easy with the facilities we have.  In the background is the old hay - only fit for the sheep and there is very little of that - locked away like gold bullion is the new hay and we have 20 bales left - that is all!!
The next picture is a little gruesome - you may not want to look any further!!


  1. Glad all went well eventually. One of mine always manage to escape the rope so I've given up with that and use carrot now instead, they'll do anything for carrot!!!!

  2. What a day ....by the sounds of things...slipping in the mud....but glad you managed to get the blood collected, I have an array of pallets....nice to see that you also put them to some good uses......Jayne

  3. Spike was a model blood donor and Carl handled him very calmly, we had a roof above our heads and we were totaly unaware of the drama which took place before we arrived so we were both laft with very little to do. Hope the blood made it to the lab ok and that Spike will not hold it against us next time we meet...
    always a pleasure working with you guys!!!

  4. Bald Vampire Vet!!!
    They are going to wonder what I am talking about on reception when I ask for a visit from the Bald Vampire!!!