Monday, 21 February 2011

One more day to go!!

Sam and I have been blundering around in a grey mist today.  Actually, Sam has been doing most of the work and I have just been blundering!  I have an achy cold and am taking lots of tablets to get rid of it before the holiday but Sam has pulled the stops out.  He returned from work this morning with lots of roles of electric fence wire and a contraption called, by The Shepherd, a bike!  With this he is making a new pen for his sheep.  I drove over to Wincanton to fetch the plasma - I now have loads of it in the freezer, Bert's baby WILL survive this year!
The postman has been busy, the spring things for the Mitsubishi arrived, my ebay purchase came and Carl's very late replacement birthday present came.  We had to return the trousers as they were just too obscene and he now has a pair of Trials boots which are great except he does not want to take them off and is walking around like an excerpt from Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers!  My Ebay buy looks fantastic, it is an embroidery sewing machine, but will have to wait until next week for a trial with the alpaca felt.
Sam now has a long list of instructions for next week and later we just have to plan where we are going, find clothes, get the car ready . . .
The car has shown it's very first fault.  If you drive at over 60mph the sunroof begins to lift slightly and the resultant inrush of wind causes the driver and front seat passenger's hair to blow backward giving them a slightly sonic the hedgehog look.  Carl is fixing that problem with a little grip fill!
Our holiday is getting quite exciting - we are going to go visiting!  We plan to see Jayne at Zanibar and Debbie at Barnacre has offered us a cup of tea and a preview of her socks so we are hoping to get there.  We did want to try to meet Barbara at Beckbrow but I know they are on holiday so that will have to be on another trip. Really looking forward to it (despite the cold) . . . Zeto, Norris, Minimus, Legend of Spartacus . . . .

No good, got to go and get ready for a church meeting now!


  1. Have a great time - leave the knitting needles at home

  2. Definately take the needles, think how much sock you can get knitting whilst Carl is driving!!

    See you soon.

  3. Don't forget to pack the Sat Nav !!....we will be looking forward to finding you...some-where in Scotland .........hope for some fine weather !....Jayne