Saturday, 12 February 2011


Now I am aching!  I confess that it is all my fault as for two day I have not had the Poo Piker out - the ground was just too muddy so today we had build up!  However, I am very happy as today was weighing day for Greeves and we have another weight gain - 900g - he is now 16kg and looking much less hunched up.  Brilliant!  The sun was out today and more good news, the camera is not ruined - here is the proof!

Barnaby, Dylan  and Harry

Barry Norton

Cassie - getting used to lying on a slope!

Grass is beginning to sprout pretty well but this has meant Carl has had to get the strimmer out.  The electric fence outside the paddocks shorts out when the grass starts to touch it - I think it will have to have more drastic measures as the strimming takes quite a while!

This final shot is not for those of you with a weak disposition!  I have finally finished the sock.  I have never knitted a sock before and all those needles were a nightmare but it is done - it is really for Carl and is a bit too big for me but he said his legs were not up to modelling.  I envisaged a tasteful shot of just the sock (my legs are certainly not up to modelling - and nor is the rest of me!) but sadly he got my poo collecting tracksuit bottoms and ancient jumper in - along with three cats, just focus on the sock!!!


  1. I, too, have just knit my first pair of socks and even on 2 needles its been a nightmare. I knit for Debbie at Barnacre and she laughed when I told her my first attempt came out with the heel back to front! Just on for my second sock now.

  2. I have seen your knitting on Debbie's shop, Carol - it is beautiful! I know what you mean about a back to front heel - I had to unpick!

  3. Rosemary, I'm sure Carl had two feet last time I saw him. Did he have an accident with the strimmer you forgot to mention? ;o)

  4. Well done it looks fab and worth the pain! As I was reading your blog I was thinking of carol then I find her commenting.

  5. Yes, Love the sock.....Do they come in any other colour......I don't do grey....! I will need two, by the way.....! One for each foot....!
    And, the Kitty-Kitties.....Lovely...x

  6. Well done Rosemary...great photos...and a rather fetching leg pose!

  7. Very nice sock..and very smooth leg I must shall have to tell me which method Carl create such a shiney finish....(Anyway I can tell its you have you Poo Picking Jumper On !) Id never have guessed...if u hadn't said!! The cats..look very cosy...Well Done you....I have just got the hang of fingerless Ive no chance with a Sock........or two !......Jayne