Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wellground Come Calling

Bit of light poo picking this morning and very glad I did as Wellground popped in at lunchtime.  I think Rob really came for a go in my Mule but I forced him and Les down to the barn to see little Greeves!  Thank goodness I had the gluten free ginger nuts in!  I am sorry there is no photo, as one of the three of us squashed in the Mule would have been a sight to behold!

It was wonderful to spend a couple of hours with both Rob and Les and I was desperate for them to take a look at little Greeves.  We had a cosy ride down in the Mule, once I had found the hand brake - I feel I am very close to Les now!

Greeves is pretty special to me and it is hard to be objective when you have been so involved with them and they are so tiny, as he is, so I wanted an expert opinion on whether he was looking okay.  The opinion is that, once the spring grass comes in, he should come on.  Can't tell too much about his fleece yet, for a start there are too many layers of hay to plough through but Les said he was very sweet and that is enough for me!  I am just a proud Mummy and think he is probably the cutest alpaca I have ever seen with the most gorgeous face!

I couldn't help but drag Rob and Les up to see Lina - who didn't spit at Rob which is not a good sign!  She has been stood by the gate every since!  Dude was in a prowling and posing mood - I think it is the effect of the other boys and he is showing off to them, but then again he could have been fluttering his eyelashes and flicking his tale at Les!

Back to the house, after mud removal, and coffee with lots of talk about alpacas and wool - a great day!
Thank you Rob and Les!

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  1. We really enjoyed our trip to Westhill and the mule trip was amazing. No collisions at all. You are an expert muler. Greeves is a cracker.

    Speak soon.

    Rob n Les