Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mystery Balls

It has been a murky, damp day today and I am rolling around in mud here, not literally just in the Mule.  All alpacas are now filthy - except for Cassie who has taken over the field shelter, will only let Zara in, and who is on a mission to eat every scrap of hay in the hay rack.  She did totter out to grumble over her bowl of food but then it was straight back into the shelter and the replenished hay rack!

I have been sorting out the next lot of knitting for the shop - now just got to get it uploaded - and photographed.  This is a bit of a problem as I have had a bit of a disaster.  I took the camera over at feeding time and left it on a gate post - the rain came!  Carl is very cross and the camera is hanging up in the airing cupboard.

He is actually doubly annoyed as I appear to have broken Uncle Festa (the new car).  Somehow it has developed a slow puncture and I also had a flip flop incident.  My key ring has a small plastic flip flop as a key ring (it came in a cracker at Christmas).  I drive close to the steering wheel and Carl drives way back - almost sitting in the back.  He had taken it out last so when I got in I put my hand down to adjust the seat with my key ring in my hand.  The seat shot forward and trapped the little flip flop in the mechanism.  I tugged and the flip flop disappeared into the seat adjuster workings - and I then snapped it off, still inside, while retrieving the key.  All this means the seat now will not adjust which is fine for me but Carl has to drive with his knees up round his chin and he cannot see the funny side of it!

He did cheer up a bit when I gave him his birthday present, several weeks late as it has only just come, a pair of blue Lycra trials trousers!

A bit of a puzzle today.  There are a vast quantity of golf balls down the cut (well, six today).  Where are they all coming from?!


  1. Lycra trousers...very handy for slipping in to tight spaces...especially behind steering wheels!

  2. Golf Balls? Cut? They did say Tiger Woods was practicing at Ashley Wood to-say.....Perhaps he hit a few to hard.....Try'in to get a hole in one...!
    Blue Lycra Trials Trousers.....No Pink ones then......! :0).

  3. Lycra indeed. You big Jessie Carl !!!! You'll not live that down at the next GWR meeting ;o))


  4. Sounds like you have had an adventurous couple of days....lycra trousers, lost flip-flop and stuck driving seat....not to mention the stand alone in the rain camera on the fence post !...We all have done that one !...I have dried mine out .....more than once ! hopefully no real harm done !.....unlike the driving with knees by your ears position !..Hope you manage to get that one fixed !....soon !!..Jayne