Sunday, 6 February 2011

Busy and productive

The end of a successful weekend!  Church first thing and then, when I got back, we had a few drenches to administer.  The new drench gun is fantastic - but Carl took it over!  He hung it on a strap round his neck and looked quite the professional until he drenched his jeans with it - then he looked more like a painter and decorator!  Zara had another bit of  cream on her little bald patch on her nose.  Viv had said she didn't mind it being done and, despite the first time being simple, I didn't think it would always be that simple but she is so good!  We also checked over Cassie who needed nothing done but we just wanted her to get used to our handling her.  Cassie is probably the most well behaved alpaca I have ever known which, from the fuss and grumbling at feed time, you would not have expected.  We ran them down to the barn to get them used to it and Dylan went wild.  That young man is going to need a top rail on his paddock very soon, I think his hormones are rampaging and really he has an enormous pair of  . . .  well, I'll say no more or I may offend my readers!  Harry has taken control of the field shelter and is very partial to a bit of hay.  Lily is turning into a real drama queen.  She had her drench okay but then jumped up, flung herself on the ground and lay on her side playing dead for a good couple of minutes!  Velocette was much more settled today and is eating well from the trough.  I am looking forward to starting her halter training with a bit of 'introducing' next week.

Greeves is never very far away when I am with his group but he is not moping for Lina and I am itching to weigh him again.  (Definitely not going to until Saturday though)

And Bert was having none of that posing for the camera today!

I have had an anxious afternoon watching an eBay bid which I am very pleased to say I won! I am quite excited about it as it is an integral part of my new felt products - more news on that when it arrives.


  1. What lovely looking creatures....lovely.....!
    But, who's that in the funny hat.....!
    Sorry! It's just that l've had a great day, all round, and, l don't know why, but l do look forward to the evening time for this Blog, especially the photos...Ah! good old Dorset....
    You can't beat it, nowhere like it.....! Nowhere!
    Hot chocolate, then bed.....Probably sleep like a log.....And wake up in the fire place.....!
    Nite...Nite...! God Bless....!

  2. Well done on winning something that you actually need on eBay...I managed to loose all the things I really wanted by not watching carefully...I am intrigued as to what it is though!