Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wellground, Kubota, Land Rover . . .

Phew!  What a day!  After Rob's offer to come and see his etchings we decided we really had to have more Camelibra before we went away!  Due to the magnificence of the Super SFS, lovers of all things fungal (or should that be fungi) we had a fabulous vehicle (Carl now wants one) with which to deliver some odds and ends - and as we virtually had to pass within a 100 miles of Bratton, we popped in to be greeted by the rapturous Billie Jean and the all singing all dancing Russell sisters.  Now, much as I was itching to see Rob's etchings and get my hands on his weather station we  were seduced by the sweetest little boy you have ever seen - such a magnificent head and a fabulous fleece but I forgot his name!  We then talked and talked and talked - Lionheart was a bit of a distraction, looking fantastic outside the window.  I know Rob will soon have some fantastic news on the GWR - we got a sneak preview of something really very stunning.  And after all that I never got to see the etchings - or the weather station!!

When we got back Sam was all twitchy as he had just heard his tractor was arriving early evening - he has been saving for this for years and, having finally bought it, waiting - not very patiently - for two weeks for it to have a full service and be delivered.  Brilliant place, Cowlingagri, very good service.
Sam stood by the gate for 2 hours
He waited and waited - entertained by the hang gliders.

Until finally it arrived!

One happy, pink little boy!!

. . . . And Greeves has gained weight again!


  1. Thanks for coming to see us, it was a great visit. Really enjoyed your company.

    That tractor of Sams looks magnificent, is it a Kubota ?

    Greeves is looking great, if a bit hay covered still.

    Have a great week next week. If SFS or Sam need anything, just call us.


  2. Loving the tractor Sam, I want one, or should I say need one!

    Greeves is looking good too, and almost the same colour as some of my weanies!

  3. Excellent tractor ! that will keep Sam occupied..I hope he doesn't have the tractor driving skills.....of Rob !! and if I didn't know different I'd think Greeves was.....more brown than white !! You will be needing your wellies....oopp North !...its Mudtastic !!.....Jayne