Friday, 4 February 2011

Windy out there tonight!

I have recovered from yesterday but have not yet driven the new car.  It is supposed to be green but looks more a dark blue to me.  The Jalopy had his last trip out today and I discovered it has a petrol warning light which flashes!  I didn't know that so all those times I thought I was almost out of petrol, I couldn't have been - remarkable and I shall be a little sad to see him go.

Greeves is still not into Camelibra, or oats, or peas, or sugar beet - just hay - but I did infiltrate a little Alfalfa into his hay and he did eat that.  Tomorrow is his weighing day and I am really hoping we at least do not see another weight loss.  I had a little sit with him and Bert this afternoon.  It was blowing a gale but quite warm (I had done a lot of poo collecting).  Bert was in the mood for a neck rub and I know for lots of alpacas that might mean she has lost her pregnancy but not necessarily for Bert.  When Bert isn't pregnant she snuggles up to you, wants you to hug her and is generally sloppy.  A pregnant Bert firmly refuses to have her feet done and only has a neck rub and a sit down next to you on her terms.  Lina is another matter and I think it is highly unlikely she is pregnant as we had a long neck rub and chat today which is not really pregnant Lina behaviour!

None of the Mums are missing their babies at all and Greeves now seems very settled with Sherbert and Islay being his particular favourite Aunts.  Sunbeam and the two boys are also fine but Velocette is still crying and following me around.

All the new alpacas are doing well.  Cassie keeps a close eye on me and always gives me a look as if she has a 'cunning plan' in mind.
Dylan has now gone back to his bowl after preferring the trough yesterday - Harry is back in the trough!  They were all having a bit of a grumble this evening - except for Dylan!

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