Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Morning After

Greeves survived a night without Mum but I did worry about him!  He is not exactly crying, just whimpering a bit.
He seems okay as long as I keep taking him fresh hay!  Oddly, the girls he is with are generally very tolerant of him.  I haven't seen them push him away or spit at him once - they are doing both to the other two weanlings!  Velocette and Sunbeam are both making more of a fuss than they did yesterday - I think the novelty of being without Mum has worn off!

Dylan is very much part of the gang and is incredibly sweet.  This morning he came up to the fence to give me a kiss.  He holds his own with the others though.  Harry and Alf both tried to muscle in on his bowl this evening but he was having none of that and soon saw  them off!

When I went in to clean the boys paddock this morning some of the chickens followed me - both Dylan and Harry did not know what to make of these intruders!

Cassie and Zara are both fine.  Cassie was very pleased with her lunchtime carrots and happily ate them from my hand.  Zara was a bit more timid but enjoyed one from the ground - she is getting more confident though and came and sniffed me over the fence this evening.
Back at the house the cats are all now fine.  Mitzy is definitely not keen on outside anymore, since getting lost she runs away if the back door opens.

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  1. Ah! Rosemary......You know l don't shut down my PC until l've read your Blog.....Just in case there's a photo of the pussy-cats....ooooO!
    And the Alpacas look absolutely wonderful too, so majestic, lovely photos....lovely.....!
    God, created some beautiful creatures on this earth......pity he did'nt do the same with some of the humans.....! :)