Friday, 18 February 2011

Getting ready!

Our little difficulty regarding the holiday has been solved thanks to the Magnificent SFS - may all their rides be comfy ones!

The problem was the truck - it failed it's MOT!  This in itself was not a problem as most of it is welding and Carl is a dab hand with the welder.  However, we have a couple of things that need to be done before we go away - which require the towing capacity of the truck.  We did not panic (well I did, a bit) - we investigated the towing capacity of Uncle Festa - not possible - and then phoned U drive which is a long and daft story and a complete waste of time so I will say no more on that one!  But all is well as the SFS have come to the rescue (they have a website at and if you click on the activities video you can see the male SFS talking about his great loves, riding and fungi collecting).  If you ever want to take your horse on holiday it is a fabulous place and a really high spec holiday cottage.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be very busy and I have to try to get rid of this cold I have coming on - we have to move alpacas around, Carolyn and Flamenco are having a real power struggle at the moment, move field shelters and generally get everything organised ready for going away.  Sam's sheep are looking BIG and they need their electric fence moved.

All the boys seem to be loving their field shelter and cram themselves in there every time new hay appears - with Harry always bagging the prime spot at the back!

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  1. Lovely Rosemary...Lovely....
    Lemon Tea (Earl Grey).....For the cold..!
    Have Fun Now..!