Friday, 11 February 2011

Slipping and sliding

Morning poo collection came to a bit of a slippery end as I bogged down in the mud.  I then unhitched the poo picker on a bit of a slope, my wellies could get no grip and poo picker and me slid gracefully into the hedge!  I blame it all on a late night at the computer!

I'll have to try again tomorrow, in the mean time it was back to the bucket and spade.

Carl has retrieved the flip flop and sorted the tyre so the car is now ready for action I am glad to say (a very exciting few days away are planned).  I was about to do photos to check if the camera was working when I had a summons to take Mum to visit The Aunt who was ill - she looked pretty perky to me when we got there.  Her dog had a strange fascination for my arm which it kept attacking whilst emitting pungent gusts and I tried to maintain polite conversation and pretend it wasn't happening!


  1. I thought that it was only me who got stuck in the mud....we have extra sticky stuff up here in will pinch your welly if you're not careful !....I have walked out of mine....before..not very nice when you put your foot onto cold wet mud !....Glad the flip-flop got rescued and that Carl has a more comfortable driving seat....for your adventure ! I have also had the odd night in with pungent dogs for company !....phew !! what an afternoon......maybe you will need some 4x4 wellies for your trip !.......Jayne

  2. Snap ! a bogged-down day today ;o))